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Your kitten will eat Royal Canin Munchkin kitten formula when it leaves my house. I use Authority Grain Free-Chicken and Potato, Adult Formula for my adult dogs. Only at PetSmart can you buy this.

Their teeth and health will be better if they eat dry food. Most of the time, dry foods that taste like chicken are your best bet. Some people’s food is fine, like cooked beef, cooked chicken, cheese, cottage cheese, and plain yogurt (like Nancy’s yogurt). I only use dry foods most of the time. The dry cat food has all the nutrients your cat needs, so you don’t have to feed it anything else. We really want you to follow our suggestions, because they have helped us for years. If you feed your cat the way we suggest, it will be healthier, happier, and you will have fewer vet bills.

In the last two years, I’ve started giving my cats Darwin’s Raw, and it’s been great. Fluid is very important for all cats, but especially for male cats. Raw meat gives your body the water it needs. I don’t feed them this every day, but I do give it to them 1-2 times a day (a couple spoonfuls is plenty). Here is where you can buy it:

Gerber baby food chicken & gravy taste is safe to eat if you want to offer your baby a treat. It’s going to be a huge hit with your cat. Just keep in mind that it lacks the same level of nutrients as the dry food. Use it sparingly, and just as a special treat.

milk, corn, liver, pork, egg whites, sugary foods, or starches. This is hard for cats to digest, and they may get diarrhea as a result. Changes in what you eat can also make you have diarrhea or loose stools.

Many houseplants, like Rhododendrons, Lillies, Mistletoe, Poinsettia, Tulips, Dumb-Cane, Antifreeze, Aspirin, Lysol, etc. Swiffer cleaners, Pepto-Bismol and the new formula of Kaopectate (both of which have aspirin in them), flea collars, and wormers you can buy over-the-counter. All of them are bad for cats.

-During the time when cats shed their hair, try Petramalt if hairballs keep happening. It usually comes in a tube, and they lick it off the end. If they don’t like it, you can put a big glob on the roof of their mouth so they can’t spit it out.

Always keep the litter box where it’s easy to get to. It’s like putting a 2-year-old child in the middle of a football field and telling them to find the bathroom. A big house can make it easy for small kittens to get lost. When they are small, you might try several places in different parts of the house, or you could keep them in a small room or bathroom until they get used to their new home and know where everything is. One of the three types of cat litter shown below would be a good choice. For the first two to three months, kitten attract is a good idea. Calico Label is a good choice for Myland’s little munchkins. When scooping or sand-littering, be careful. It can get into their fur and paws and build up in their intestines, which needs to be taken out by surgery. Every day, pick up the droppings and wet trash. Cats like to use dishes that are clean.

Your kitten has already had its first or second injectable vaccine, and at 12 months, it will need a booster shot. Most of the time, this vaccine is Eclipse-4 modified-live. It protects strongly against Rhinotracheitis, Calici, Panleukopenia (distemper), and Chlamydia. Some kittens will have mild reactions to these vaccines, just like small children do when they get their booster shots. When you pick up your kitten, you will get a record of its vaccinations.

Once our kittens leave our home, we can’t promise that they won’t catch diseases. They are like small children, and if they touch, they will catch it. For instance, if a kitten is born with a congenital or genetic birth defect that threatens its life, we do offer a replacement. For instance, your cat might get Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, a heart defect (also called HCM), in its first year of life.

We try to keep our bloodlines healthy and do the best we can, but sometimes things happen that are out of our hands. We are sure that our breeding program should only include cats that are not related to each other and are as healthy as possible.

If there is a problem, we do need proof from your vet in the form of copies of medical records. Then, before making any decisions, we talk about it with our own vet.

We don’t guarantee anything if the new owner does something wrong, like not giving the cat the recommended food. Your growing kittens need good food more than anything else. If you give your cat food that isn’t as good, you’ll get less of it. Pricey doesn’t always mean better.

Most of the time, new foods that claim to be the best aren’t as good for you as they say they are. We really want you to keep eating the foods we recommend.

Every day, brush your kitten’s fur. Kittens don’t need to be groomed as much as adults do, but it helps them stay in shape. Use a good-grade metal comb. Your little one will need a fine-tooth comb, which can be bought in California from a vendor. Information about how to order the Munchkin comb is given below. If you want to buy a comb for your Persian, the best brand is Safari. You will also need a fine-tooth comb with 16 teeth per inch and a “Cat Shedding Comb” with teeth that are different lengths and sizes. About every two weeks, their claws need to be trimmed. I use a tool for cutting human toenails and cut just below the hooks. You can see in their nails that they cut above the pink part of their toes.

For regular baths, start with blue Dawn dish soap and bathe your pet in the kitchen sink. Then, use Kelco brand shampoos for different coat colors. Plum White is my favorite. It doesn’t make them cry and is safe to use near their eyes and face. I also like the Ultra Red and the Black Star, both of which don’t make me cry. Make sure to wash it well and blow it dry. A blow dryer stand can be bought at a beauty store like “Sally’s Beauty Supplies.” Make sure to always comb the fur as you blow-dry it, as this will make it look fluffy.

If your kitten is white, you’ll notice that its eyes seem to tear up more than the eyes of kittens with other colors. Whites have more sensitive skin that can’t handle bright lights as well. You can use a washcloth or surgical scrub pads to clean their eyes with warm water or saline solution from a drug store. Sometimes, a soft-bristled toothbrush can help get the debris out. Children’s toothbrushes are great for this! With a tissue, dry the eyes well. You can help your eyes look better by putting a small amount of dry boric acid powder mixed with the same amount of cornstarch on each corner of your eyes every day with a Q-tip or a soft child’s tooth brush. Also put it in the wrinkles around the eyes.

“Recipe for eye wound powder”

1. 1 oz.

Antiseptic powder made of boric acid

(You can buy them online at Amazon, eBay, etc.)

2. One teaspoon of cornstarch

3. 3 250 mg capsules

Amoxicillin for fish (which can be purchased at

Mix all of the ingredients together very well.

Put it in a container that won’t let air in.

You could also try Bio Groom eye care if the white hairs under your eyes make you cry. This is done to help keep the clean look. Especially for cats with white hair under their eyes and cats that cry a lot.

Water bowls like these are great because they keep cats from putting their neck fur in the water. Also, it helps the water stay cleaner for longer. I drink from the water fountain that Catit made. Either water dish can be bought from Amazon, which is an online store:

We recommend that you have your pet kitten neutered or spayed when it is 5–6 months old. This is very important for the health and happiness of your cat. If you don’t get your cat fixed, it might start “marking” and forget how to use the bathroom. It is a natural way for them to find each other. If they are changed when they are young, they won’t get the hormones that cause this, and they will also heal faster from surgery.

If you’ve got any questions, you can phone or e-mail me.

words of wisdom


We give them free access to dry food and feed them wet food once or twice a day.

The website is where you should go to place your order for this food. They will bring the package directly to your doorstep!
You should never deviate from the nutrition that your breeder is providing for your kitten in any way. This can lead to extremely severe stomach issues, some of which can even linger for weeks! Our Munchkins kittens are not able to eat any of the gourmet foods since they have sensitive stomachs. Our Munchkin Kittens cats cannot consume them because of the significant amount of fat and richness that they contain. Unless there is a clear need to do so, you should exercise extreme caution before adopting any dietary adjustments.
I would suggest that you feed your cat Natural Balance Duck and Pea LID food if you discover that your cat has loose stools and the problem appears to be a food allergy.